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Rectangular Food Display Board

Rectangular Food Display Board

Made from durable, solid bamboo, with resin decoration

29.5cm x 13.5cm x 0.8cm


This food display board is the perfect way to serve guests a range of foods, including cheese, crackers, breads, fruits and other sweet treats.  It makes the perfect gift for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays or other special days in the calendar.  Or if you love the ocean and dinner parties then this is the perfect purchase for you. 


This beautiful food display/serving board is unique and hand-painted with epoxy resin and coloured pigments.  Each board is a piece of art in itself.   This specific board is ocean themed and when you look closely the design gives the impression of a 3D effect, there are also hints of glitter running through certain colours.  The resin finish is glossy, and this adds to the beauty and elegance of the board.  Creating resin art such as this can have interesting and unexpected outcomes, therefore no two pieces are the same.  


The epoxy resin is safe to be in contact with food.  Before being shipped out to you, the wood is treated with a food-grade mineral oil, the oil helps keep the wood looking fresh.  You may choose to treat the wood regularly.



  • Avoid cutting on the resin side as it may scratch and could spoil the smooth, glossy finish and design
  • If you choose to use the wood side for cutting, then please take steps to care for and treat the wood (it is advised to use this board purely as a display/serving board)
  • Wash using a soft cloth with warm water/soapy water and dry immediately
  • Do not use in the dishwasher, oven or microwave
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners
  • It is a good idea to occasionally treat the wood with a mineral oil
  • You may use a glass cleaner to clean the resin and make it look shiny
  • Do not store your board near a heat source
  • Avoid placing hot mugs or plates on the resin side


PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is unique, some may have imperfections or flaws but that is the beauty and nature of resin art.


*Custom orders in any other colours are welcome, please send me a message. 

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