Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

2020, alcohol ink on yupo paper, mounted on birchwood panels, finished with multi-layers of resin.
(Mixed media)  

These paintings have a rustic charm with the gold painted edges and glossy surface- so vibrant in their character.


These rainbow paintings hold a special place in my heart.  They were created with love and with hope and positivity in mind.  Looking back in history and in different cultures, rainbows have represented many things.  For me, these were created out of love for my baby boy who never got to see a rainbow, and for anyone else who has experienced the struggle to become a parent or has started to mend their broken heart after having a rainbow baby.  When I look at each of these individual paintings they each tell a different story, what story do you see when you look at them?


2020 has been a tough year for all, living through a pandemic has been hard work.  This piece is also a reflection on the year.  Rainbows have been a great sign of hope and prosperity.  No storm lasts forever, we will get through COVID-19 and we will come out of it better and brighter than ever!


When ordering any of my rainbow paintings you are supporting a worthy charity, 'The Birmingham Women's Hospital Charity'.  I will donate a percentage of my sales to this charity.  They are raising money to build a special bereavement part of the hospital where parents can spend time together, with their babies, away from the labour ward.  Having been through this situation myself, I know that a quiet place will be appreciated when people are faced with this unimaginable situation.  



Additional information - 
Delivery - allow up to 1 week for item to be received, delivery cost is £5
Please keep out of direct sunlight
Paintings have been varnished with alcohol ink varnish and UV protector spray, additional resin has also been used to preserve the paintings.  Edges varnished.