Oceans Collide

Oceans Collide

(2020) Original multimedia/acrylic painting.  30cm x 30cm.  Painting on birchwood panel.  finished with resin to create a glass like shiny effect.  Edges painted black.


'Oceans Collide' -imagine the crashing and collision of the seas, beautiful colours swirling all around and glimpses of life in the ocean peeping through, nesar the surface you see glints of the sun refelcting on the water.  Look deep into this painting and you will lose yourself in it's beauty.


Note - 
Colours may vary slightly from photograph
Signed on bottom right edge
Delivery - allow up to 1 week for delivery, delivery cost is £5.00
High quality resin used to protect the painting.  Varnish used on edges.
Additional care - avoid displaying in direct sunlight

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